Must love cookies …

(South Africa hotel room)

– You drove 2 hours to get me my favourite type of chocolate chip cookies?!?! cookies that remind me of home, cookies bought from the same supermarket that sells them in my country?!?!

-Well, yeah… I know how much you like them, plus I’m trying to put back a smile on your face (grins widely). Every time you see me now you scowl, granted, I deserve that, I was an asshole, but still…

-Can we please not have that conversation again? The jury is out on that one and I’d rather we focus on other things at the moment (reaches for the blue folder on the table and the cookies).

-Listen, I need to talk to you about something … (gets anxious and fidgety). I love you!

-I love you, too! just because you can act like an arrogant prick sometimes doesn’t mean that I forget all the good things about you.

-Liv, I LOVE you!!! not in a friend loves another friend kinda way …


-I love you in a man loves a woman kind of way!

(she shakes her head in disbelief, looks at him)

-You mean … you love me in a Michael Bolton “When a man loves a woman” kind of way ??

-Yes! :)) I do love you in a Michael Bolton “When a man loves a woman” kind of way, but I also love you in a M. Bolton -“Can I touch you there” way because #you #sexualattraction. I need to hear your thoughts on this matter, Liv!

-Well, (she panics, takes a deep breath) …then …. I would like to say that I love you in a Michael Bolton “Said I loved you but I lied” kinda way! (pauses, looks at him straight in the eyes)…. wow, we really good at this Michael Bolton song references thing (giggles).

-How about we end the night in a Nine Inch Nails “Closer’ kinda way ??? (James devilishly suggests)



Author: Sam Mountjoy

Bun gasit la locul meu de joaca! Eu sun Sam si, dupa lupte seculare care au durat ceva ani, am decis sa nu mai aman, sa nu ma mai mint ca "ma apuc de azi", sa fac ceva cu toate cele de-mi trec prin cap, minte si suflet. Adica sa le prind din zborul lor, sa le asamblez cumva prin cuvinte, uneori poate si stari, si sa le dau drumul pe hartie/ tastatura. Acest blog reprezinta panza mea, defularea mea, instrumentul meu de relaxare si debitat idei, ganduri, experiente si orice o mai iesi :). Imi place sa ma caut pe dinauntru, o fac in diverse feluri si utilizand varii metode; blogul este doar una dintre ele. Asadar, o sa scriu despre ce imi atrage mie atentia, de la muzica, filme, carti la episoade mai mult sau mai putin personale ... dar sa nu ne pripim. O sa avem timp sa ne elucidam vizavi de intentia & obiectivul acestui playground. Da, voi scrie si in romgleza; imi vor scapa cuvinte, chiar texte intregi in limba engleza (ok, textele nu vor fi o scapare, ci un demers deliberat :D ). Cum ziceam, la mine in curte ma joc dupa pofta inimii. Bine ati venit!

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