Wisdom imparted via way of abstinence

(outside a pub, a group of friends laughing and talking, Liv is happy to be with them and is having a great time)

– I’m telling you, some women just don’t deserve an erect dick! they just don’t!

(laughter erupts when he walks by the group, looks at Liv and seems amused by what he has just heard. He is lighting up a cigarette close to the group, intrigued by Liv. He is taking his time to analyse her, albeit discretely)

-Well, I believe you have a point there, my sweet perverted friend. (Jason replies)

-No, seriously, it is a shame that some women just mess up men and then complain about sex. They just don’t know what to do or how to approach the penis. I may not be the best person to impart wisdom about this matter, granted, given that it’s been so long that I hardly remember how one looks like, however I do remember never taking it for granted.

(laughter again)

-Whoooaa, Liv, honey, I think we need to get you reacquainted with a dick! you are the only one responsible for your current situation, let’s not forget about this. Plus, thankfully, in the 21st century one can enjoy the pleasure offered by a vibrator, no man attached to it, no muss, no fuss. (Emma interferes)

– No, no, no, no, I like my dick with some meat on it, darling! (everyone bursts out laughing). Always had, always will! no superficial, chemically fabricated appliances for this gal! (Liv finishes her cigarette and takes a sip out of her whiskey glass)

(Mark has been standing there all throughout the conversation, talking to his friends, eavesdropping on the amusement taking place nearby. ” I think I like this girl” he says to himself. “Her laughter is really sexy and infectious and she does seem quite uninhibited. She is also very attractive.” Just at this very moment Liv decides to go inside and he rapidly opens the door for her as he is standing right next to it. He looks at her and receives confirmation instantly. “She really is beautiful by my own standards. Beautiful and funny.”

-Danke, Sir! Liv tells him as she goes inside the pub.



Author: Sam Mountjoy

Bun gasit la locul meu de joaca! Eu sun Sam si, dupa lupte seculare care au durat ceva ani, am decis sa nu mai aman, sa nu ma mai mint ca "ma apuc de azi", sa fac ceva cu toate cele de-mi trec prin cap, minte si suflet. Adica sa le prind din zborul lor, sa le asamblez cumva prin cuvinte, uneori poate si stari, si sa le dau drumul pe hartie/ tastatura. Acest blog reprezinta panza mea, defularea mea, instrumentul meu de relaxare si debitat idei, ganduri, experiente si orice o mai iesi :). Imi place sa ma caut pe dinauntru, o fac in diverse feluri si utilizand varii metode; blogul este doar una dintre ele. Asadar, o sa scriu despre ce imi atrage mie atentia, de la muzica, filme, carti la episoade mai mult sau mai putin personale ... dar sa nu ne pripim. O sa avem timp sa ne elucidam vizavi de intentia & obiectivul acestui playground. Da, voi scrie si in romgleza; imi vor scapa cuvinte, chiar texte intregi in limba engleza (ok, textele nu vor fi o scapare, ci un demers deliberat :D ). Cum ziceam, la mine in curte ma joc dupa pofta inimii. Bine ati venit!

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