Doing Catherine de Medici justice

(inside Liv’s home)

-Girls, we NEED to talk. I mean … we have to address the latest developments. Well, I have to address them because I am the one who is trying to make sense of them.

-What’s to understand, Liv? you finally found yourself a decent and caring man. And he happens to make you orgasmicaly happy, enjoy this, relish it and stop overthinking it!

-You are absolutely right, it’s just I have never ever felt anything like this. I mean, sexually, oh dear Lord of mine, he is just P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!! We just connect and … we feel each other perfectly and I am perfectly aware that I am over using the word “perfect” but it does justice to the current situation. He is my kind of perfect!! and his penis, whoaaa, out of this freakin’ world … the things it does (stumbling on words) … it’s a piece of art!!! a piece of fine art!! the best art there is out there!!! (everyone’s laughing). Honest to God, I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had any in a while or because he’s the first man I started having feelings for in a number of years, but I just find myself remembering that scene in “Sex and the City” when Samantha describes Richard’s penis and I finally get what the woman was trying to say.

-OK, we get it. He has a penis and he knows how to work his way around it!

-True, true, yet incomplete. I do believe the me having feelings for him contributes to my current state of mind. And to revert to the art part of it one more time, trust me, Catherine de Medici would come back from the dead and become a patron saint of his dick!!! that’s how much of a piece of art that thing is!!!

(everyone bursts out laughing)


Author: Sam Mountjoy

Bun gasit la locul meu de joaca! Eu sun Sam si, dupa lupte seculare care au durat ceva ani, am decis sa nu mai aman, sa nu ma mai mint ca "ma apuc de azi", sa fac ceva cu toate cele de-mi trec prin cap, minte si suflet. Adica sa le prind din zborul lor, sa le asamblez cumva prin cuvinte, uneori poate si stari, si sa le dau drumul pe hartie/ tastatura. Acest blog reprezinta panza mea, defularea mea, instrumentul meu de relaxare si debitat idei, ganduri, experiente si orice o mai iesi :). Imi place sa ma caut pe dinauntru, o fac in diverse feluri si utilizand varii metode; blogul este doar una dintre ele. Asadar, o sa scriu despre ce imi atrage mie atentia, de la muzica, filme, carti la episoade mai mult sau mai putin personale ... dar sa nu ne pripim. O sa avem timp sa ne elucidam vizavi de intentia & obiectivul acestui playground. Da, voi scrie si in romgleza; imi vor scapa cuvinte, chiar texte intregi in limba engleza (ok, textele nu vor fi o scapare, ci un demers deliberat :D ). Cum ziceam, la mine in curte ma joc dupa pofta inimii. Bine ati venit!

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